Americans slowly looking to increase their spending

U.S. spending may pick up in 2010, according to a new survey Americans may finally be a little less frugal and intent on consolidating debt in the new year, as a new survey shows more are planning on splurging a little in the first half of 2010.

According to a Harris Interactive poll taken between December 4 and 17, 2009, only 58 percent of Americansplanned on reducing their entertainment spending in the first half of the new year. While still a majority, the number was less than the 67 percent who said they would be cutting entertainment costs in a similar survey taken in September.

Similarly, 62 percent of Americans said that they would be cutting down on the number of meals they eat out at restaurants, down from the 67 percent who said they would do so in September.

For both figures, the December findings represented their lowest levels in the survey since November 2008.

"While these numbers are somewhat encouraging, it is important to note that they represent only a small movement over the numbers from September," read a summary of the finding. "The true test will be whether these continue to move in this direction or not."

The findings would seem to corroborate a comScore study released last week that found online spending had ticked up by 4 percent to $29.1 billion when compared with data from one year earlier, according to Reuters.