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Credit Card Debt vs, Mortgages: Who Wins?

As 2011 winds down, many people are finding themselves having a difficult time juggling their bills each month. Whether due to a job loss, illness in the family, or unexpected expenses this can be a difficult time for your family. Feeling the pinch in your monthly finances may also mean making choices as to which […]

Think Twice Before You Opt For Bankruptcy

You may feel defeated, perhaps even embarrassed. However, if you are facing financial difficulties, think twice before you opt for bankruptcy. Here’s what you might lose: Privacy. When you file bankruptcy, the bankruptcy becomes a matter of public court record. Unless a document is sealed, all cases become available for public viewing. Good Credit Rating. […]

Keep Credit Card Debt from Piling Up in 2022

The holidays are over and the bills are beginning to roll in. You had a very merry holiday, but now you have to face the pile of credit card debt that you incurred. Where do you begin? Make More than the Minimum Payment There is a federally mandated box on your credit card statements that […]

Consumer Credit Counseling Services

Providing consumers with well-researched and accurate information regarding the bankruptcy alternative options to become debt-free is our goal. Many people in debt believe that filing for bankruptcy or enrolling in consumer credit counseling are their only options. However, these debt consolidation programs are not always the best choice for everyone. At Debtmerica Relief, we offer […]

Get Your Free Credit Score and Credit Monitoring from Debmerica and Credit Karma

Your credit score is an important part of your personal financial picture and can be a significant factor in your financial well-being. Today, credit scores are often referenced by lenders, insurance companies and sometimes even prospective employers. Yet getting reliable, free and secure access to personal credit scores has been next to impossible. In the […]

Cash Back Programs Linked To Increased Credit Card Debt

It’s always hard to resist the rewards that are often associated with credit cards. If you earn 1% cash back, wouldn’t it be logical to use your credit card more than other methods of payment? An article on gulfnews.com points out that financial experts have noticed that “reward schemes are not really worth it because […]

2012: plan for the year ahead

The New Year is an ‘obvious time for a financial review’. That’s the basic point of a new press release from Think Money, which advises people on a few steps they could take at the start of a New Year to help them make sure they stay in control of their debts. As it points […]

New Federal Bureau Helps Consumer Debt Relief

There’s a new sheriff in town. It’s the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). And it was created about a year ago to ensure that financial products such as credit cards and loans work better for consumers who need debt relief. According to the 2012 report “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 101: Why We Need a Consumer […]

Tax Relief Scams

Optima Tax Relief have published a great article about tax relief scams on their blog. We thought we’d write a follow up. Because the IRS is increasing enforcement to unprecedented levels, there’s been an increase in the number of unethical tax resolution scams preying on people who owe back taxes. This year we’ve already seen […]

Debtmerica Helps Foster Children have a Very Merry Christmas

Debtmerica, LLC teamed up with the Orangewood Children’s Foundation to sort and organize hundreds of gift donations for the holiday season. January 4, 2013–In December, Debtmerica, LLC teamed up with the Orangewood Children’s Foundation and assisted with sorting and organizing gift donations for the holiday season. Many members of Debtmerica’s staff volunteered to help sort […]