Tax Relief Scams

Optima Tax Relief have published a great article about tax relief scams on their blog. We thought we’d write a follow up.

Because the IRS is increasing enforcement to unprecedented levels, there’s been an increase in the number of unethical tax resolution scams preying on people who owe back taxes. This year we’ve already seen rising numbers of consumer complaints about tax resolution scams. In tough economic times, it’s especially important to not ignore IRS problems. Taxpayers must realize that they have to be careful when choosing a tax relief professional to resolve their back taxes and IRS problems.

We highly recommend you review the article from Optima Tax Relief to find out ways you can help protect yourself from the bad guys.

Tax relief, like debt relief, is an industry plagued by unscrupulous characters looking to make a quick buck. We at Debtmerica pride ourselves for being one of the leading FTC compliant firms. Our clients have always come first, which has been ingrained in our team at Debtmerica.