Atlanta has most credit card debt

Atlanta has the most credit card debt in the nation. While most consumers across the country are trying to reduce their credit card debt, those in Atlanta, Georgia, still have considerably more than the national average.

According to a story in U.S. News and World Report, whichcited statistics from a study by Experian, consumers in Atlanta carry more credit card debt than those in any other city, with an average of $6,753 owed to lenders. However, that city is just the fifth-highest ranked in terms of overall debt. Denver, Colorado, has the most debt in the country, though it’s just fourth in credit card debt.

Seattle, Washington residents carry an average credit card debt that narrowly trails Atlanta’s, at $6,577, with Baltimore, Maryland ($6,440), and Denver ($6,211) behind it. Dallas, Texas, had the third-most total debt but was well behind in credit card debt.

The previous version of this study, which was released in May, also found Atlantans had the most credit card debt, but on a relatively small number of accounts when compared to other major metropolitan areas, such as New York City and Boston.