BOA and Merrill Lynch debut new campaign to help with retirement savings

A new marketing campaign by Bank of America will tend to consumers who want to plan for their retirement Bank of America and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management have announced a new campaign designed to help consumers improve their finances and consolidate debt as they begin planning for their retirement.

Beginning today and lasting until the end of April, the bank will run their "help2retire______" campaign for consumers looking to help people "illustrate [their] evolving retirement priorities and personal aspirations."

Working with Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors, those who want to plan for their financial future while putting an end to working and personal financial trends that are draining their current savings plan.

The initiative for the campaign was born out of an Affluent Insights Quarterly survey released earlier this month by Merrill Lynch that found 51 percent of respondents who were retired said they would have focused more on "life goals" and less on "the numbers" when setting up their retirement fund.

"Our latest research further shows how the recession has led to a renewed focus on core values that guide individuals in their retirement planning, such as family and friends, philanthropic endeavors and basic quality of life, health and wellness issues," said Claire Huang, head of marketing for Bank of America Global Wealth Management, Global Banking and Global Markets.

The survey also found that 38 percent of retirees said they wished they had planned their retirement money to allow them to live a comfortable lifestyle instead of one that would only sustain them.