Citi rolls out additional programs for holidays

Citi rolls out additional programs for holidays Citi recently rolled out a slew of holiday programs, including one that will enter customers into a contest to win a prepaid card worth between $10 to $10,000 for every purchase they make that results in credit card debt before December 31, the company announced. However, to be eligible for this promotion, cardholders must first register online.

The company will also offer cardmembers everyday deals through its Bonus Centers, which include more than 400 online and in-store merchants, the report said. Among the offers included are an additional 5 percent cash back on their credit card debt, discounts on some purchases and free shipping. In addition, some items at certain stores will be discounted up to 60 percent.

Many consumers have said they will avoid taking on more credit card debt this holiday season, saying they will instead opt to do their gift shopping with debit cards or cash.