Consumers more satisfied with credit cards these days

Consumers more satisfied with credit cards these days Though many consumers may have had issues dealing with their credit card debt in the past, that's not as much the case these days, and the vast majority are now satisfied with their lender.

Consumers are generally pleased with their credit card accounts these days, as just 12 percent reported that they feel as though a lender has treated them unfairly, according to the latest annual study from the Consumer Reports National Research Center. That's down from 14 percent last year and 22 percent in 2009.

In addition, lenders are now more willing to extend credit to prospective borrowers, the report said. This year, only 14 percent of those surveyed were denied a credit card, down from 24 percent last year.

However, 35 percent also noted that they have seen a new annual fee, higher interest rate, lower credit limit or restrictions on either redeeming or accruing rewards placed on their cards this year, the report said.

Changes such as these may make it difficult for consumers to reduce debt, particularly if they have a habit of carrying some of the balance they accrued over from one month to the next.