Consumers using credit cards more often, but is debt rising?

Consumers using credit cards more often, but is debt rising? The economic effects of the recent downturn continue to fade, which is good news to most consumers. But at the same time, rising prices for necessities may be creating more concern for those looking to avoid credit card debt.

Unemployment rates have taken a considerable tumble and a number of other improving economic factors have enticed consumers to start spending more in recent months, according to a report from MSNBC. However, at the same time, some of that spending may be driven by rising prices for necessities like gas and food, and that can have an adverse effect on consumers.

As spending has risen, the rate at which consumers are contributing a portion of their disposable income to savings has fallen in recent months, and consumers are now taking on more credit card debt to help cover the increased prices, the report said.

However, experts also believe that the recent recession changed consumers' attitudes toward dealing with and making efforts to find debt relief, and that has prompted many to alter their credit card habits. Now, many may spend on those accounts, but then pay them off in full at the end of every month.