Majority feel their credit card use is reasonable

Majority feel their credit card use is reasonable Most Americans feel they have their credit card debt under control, but also believe their neighbors and other consumers spend too much on these accounts.

A new poll recently revealed that 71 percent of Americans believe their credit card spending is under control and reasonable, while 86 percent also said they thought other people spent too much, according to Rasmussen Reports. In addition, the majority believed that using these accounts can lead to trouble for other consumers.

In all, 83 percent believed that credit card accounts are likely to tempt borrowers into buying things they couldn't otherwise afford, the report said. Further, 64 percent feel it's too easy for consumers to open new accounts these days. Only 13 percent thought it was too difficult to obtain a new credit card.

A large number of consumers worked to reduce debt during the recession and found ways to get out of debt, but many have returned to using their credit card accounts once again in recent months as the economy has made continued improvements.