Most Americans stayed home for Thanksgiving, says study

More Americans reduced their expenses by staying home this Thanksgiving While a majority of Americans chose to remain at home during the Thanksgiving holiday to save money, those who did venture out actually spent more than they did in 2008, according to a new survey.

According to Ipsos Marketing’s travel and tourism division, despite the reputation of Thanksgiving being the biggest travel day of the year, 79 percent of Americans said they had no plans to travel over the holiday weekend, one percent higher than data taken during the 2008 holiday.

Perhaps fittingly, only 19 percent of Americans said they planned on travelling out of town for the holiday, down slightly from 2008’s figures.

However, despite the supposed attempts by many to consolidate debt as the holiday season gets underway, the survey also found that those who did decide to travel were more willing to spend money than in previous years. Thirty-five percent of travelers said they were going to spend more money in 2009 than during the previous year. By comparison, only 13 percent said they planned on spending less while out on the road.

"In the current economic times Americans are finding ways to continue to connect with loved ones and in some cases the pull-out couch or long car ride is the necessary sacrifice," said Dave Pierzchala, the Vice President of Ipsos’ travel team.

In surveying those who traveled for the holiday, 17 percent said they planned on driving instead of paying for a flight, while 22 percent planned on staying with family or friends instead of a hotel.