Need a job? Look into the health care field

The health care sector has experienced a growth in jobs during the recession While it’s no secret that the job market is struggling as unemployment continues to climb, jobless workers who are running out of funding and looking to consolidate debt should consider a job in the health care industry, whichis currently one of the few jobs sectors experiencing growth during the recession.

"We’re helping to put Americans back to work," said Kathy Brockmann, the corporate executive recruiter at health care consulting firm Extended Care Clinical, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Brockmann added that because the firm specializes in hiring trained nurses and nursing assistants for the facilities they serve, the economic downturn has enabled them to address their shortage by filling positions with skilled laborers who would have otherwise been working elsewhere in a better economic climate.

In its most recent unemployment report, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment in health care was one of the few sectors that saw an improvement with 19,000 jobs added that month and 559,000 jobs added since the beginning of the recession.

"If you’re looking to staff up and hire, there are people available with better skills and experience than we’ve ever seen in the job market, and you can get them for less money than you used to," said Michael Alter, president of SurePayroll, the Tribune reported.