Number of consumers dealing with more debt falls to low

Number of consumers dealing with more debt falls to low Many consumers have worked hard in recent months to reduce debt loads, and a new poll finds that many have been successful.

The total percentage of consumers who say they are carrying more debt now than they were at this time last year slipped to 23 percent, according to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey. That's the lowest total observed since the company began keeping track of these statistics in April 2009. Meanwhile, 37 percent say they now owe less money than they did a year ago, up from 31 percent in the previous poll. Finally, 36 percent say they owe about the same.

Meanwhile, most Americans have seen the interest rates they pay on their debts either hold steady or decrease, the report said. Just 21 percent of consumers believe they're paying higher interest rates these days, while 56 percent say they're the same and 17 percent think they're lower.

However, recent economic troubles have forced many Americans to begin taking on credit card debt once again to make ends meet, which could be problematic for those who do not pay their balances in full every month.