Shop Goodwill offers good deals for those consolidating debt

Buy clothes at ShopGoodwill to get big dicounts without leaving home For those in debt counseling who want to look for clothing at cheap prices without having to venture out to a thrift store, gives consumers who are short on cash a chance to look for deals from their computer.

The website, which is run by Goodwill Services charity, collects items from the 166 independent Goodwill agencies across the country and offers more than 30,000 products online at the same discounted prices.

Since its launch 10 years ago, it has posted more than 5 million different items and brought in more than $75 million in funding, which Goodwill uses to fund job training courses for those who may have a difficulty finding work.

"The auction items all come from one source with an internationally respected brand name – Goodwill Industries. Security procedures make the site a safe place to bid and buy – it’s like buying something from someone you know," said Jim Gibbons, Goodwill’s CEO, during the celebration of the website’s 10th year of operations on August 31.

The website has also earned its share of validation and praise from notable sources. Time Magazine recently named the site as one of the "Top 50 Websites of 2009," saying that "unlike on eBay, the people selling stuff on Shop Goodwill often don’t know what they’ve got, so great deals abound."