Vending machines will take credit card payments via thumbprint

Vending machines will take credit card payments via thumbprint. Consumers who use technology to take on credit card debt at their favorite vending machine can now do so without getting out their wallet.

According to a report from New York City television station WNYW, a company in Massachusetts has begun testing futuristic new "biometric vending machines," which allow consumers to tie their retinal scans or thumbprint to their credit card accounts. Consumers can then use these scanners to make payments for the bag of chips or candy bar from their office vending machine.

The report said that the company, Next Generation Vending and Food Service, has about 60 of these machines in the field across the Northeastern U.S. currently. Other machines they’ve tested recently include one with a 46-inch touchscreen display. The company is also connecting all its current machines to the internet so they can monitor them in real time, not only to see when they’re running low on products, but also to see if the coinslot is jammed.

As technology advances, consumers will be able to make more secure payments through their credit accounts without actually using their physical credit card.