Identity theft scam could create credit card debt for power company’s customers

Identity theft scam could create credit card debt for power company's customers. Customers of a major power company in Utah are being targeted in an identity theft scam that could cause them to rack up thousands in fraudulent credit card debt.

According to a report in the Salt Lake City newspaper the Deseret News, identity thieves are trying to rip off customers of Rocky Mountain Power by calling their homes posing as employees of the power company. The criminal typically asks for the customer’s credit card number to prevent an interruption of service at their home. Often, they say the reason for the problem is the customer’s last check did not include a signature.

"These calls are in no way associated with our company, and we want to make sure our customers are aware that anything that seems unusual is just that — unusual," Karen Gilmore, vice president of customer services for the company, told the paper.

Consumers should be aware that legitimate representatives of any company would never call to ask for credit card information. Businesses that do take sensitive financial information over the phone would typically have several safeguards in place to reassure consumers that they’re really with the company.